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Course Overview

The financial industry is awash with poorly written reports. No doubt you’ve read the bad ones before: they’re dull, ambiguous and unnecessarily wordy. You either don’t read them, or feel completely unmoved to take any action (wasting your time and that of the author).

Writing clearly and persuasively is not an easy skill to master. Give us just one day of your time and we will help you become a more skilled report writer.

You’ll learn to structure reports so your message stands out (and make reading effortless). You’ll keep your reader onside, even when delivering bad news. And you’ll inspire action by writing in a clearer, more persuasive style.

So join us for this one-day intensive course. Led by a communications expert, you’ll gain all the practical skills you need to write more effective reports:

  • Better understand the key elements of a report

  • Learn how to structure your report to best get your message across

  • Develop a more engaging and appropriate tone of voice

  • Overcome the specific challenges of writing compliance and audit reports

  • Learn how to address different audiences within the same document

  • Get techniques to improve your use of language

  • More clearly link the facts to your conclusions

  • Construct recommendations that are more likely to be acted upon

Report writing skills are highly valuable


Always get your message across
It’s remarkably easy to confuse your reader. What seems to make logical sense to you can be ambiguous to your audience. You’ll write with greater clarity and make sure that the most important information is never buried.

Speed up the writing process 
Some people seem to write effortlessly, the rest of us have to work hard at writing. By taking a more structured approach to report writing you’ll get the job done quicker, boosting productivity and saving huge amounts of time.

Get your readers attention 
So much business writing is dull, self-important and packed with meaningless language. Don’t be like that. This course will help your writing grab and keep your readers’ attention

Don’t irritate your reader 
When communicating with the written word, it’s very easy for tone and meaning to be misconstrued. This is especially true when you’re delivering bad news. With greater control of your tone and sensitivity to your reader, you’ll minimise the likelihood of rubbing people up the wrong way.

Stand out among your peers 
People value clear communication. Yet few people in business write clearly, succinctly and persuasively. It’s a tremendous skill to possess (and will serve you well throughout your career). But as with any skill, it needs to be cultivated.

The Course Agenda

Why good writing matters (particularly for compliance and audit) 

  • Regulatory and legal responsibilities of the compliance and audit function

  • The serious risks of failing to convey your message

  • Examples of poor communications and the consequences

  • Case study: Critiquing a report

Focusing on the audience 

  • Identify the key recipients

  • Using the right language (different words mean different things to different people)

  • Recognise the reader’s priorities and perspective

  • Identify the key messages that must be understand

  • How to set objectives for your report

Creating impact through structure 

  • Top tips on structuring your content

  • Identifying your key messages

  • Use headings, text and emphasis consistently

  • Make appropriate use of graphics

  • Overcoming the “I want it on one page” challenge

  • When to use appendices

  • Ensuring your “story” makes sense

Putting the knowledge into practice 

  • Exercise – Constructing a good report (followed by review and discussion)

Avoiding common errors 

  • Why good English matters

  • Grammar and syntax

  • The dangers of text speak

  • The dreaded split infinitive

  • Avoiding compliance speak and jargon

Gaining agreement and prompting action

  • Writing indisputable conclusions

  • Avoiding unnecessary repetition or extension of facts

  • From conclusion to recommendation – proportionate and achievable

  • Setting timeframes and responsibilities

Making agreement and action the inevitable result

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Meet The Tutor

David Cotton
David Cotton
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Who is this course for?

This course will be useful for anyone who undertakes analysis and wishes to make their reports more professional and effective, including:

  • Compliance, audit and risk professionals
  • Senior managers
  • Heads of functions


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'The trainer is a really knowledgeable person with very interesting experiences. A really practical and engaging course.'

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