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Course Overview

Understanding Change is important to all business leaders and there are already vast amounts of information available from a variety of sources on the topic of change management. This 2-hour interactive Board Room Briefing will simply focus on explaining WHAT change is, WHY it comes about and HOW change can be successfully delivered. There will be opportunities to network, whilst discussing the drivers for change in your organisation and the briefing will introduce some of the tools, models and methods associated with change management. Delegates will be provided with sufficient information to walk away with a greater awareness and understanding of the topic.

Despite ‘change’ being very well researched and documented, the delivery of change is unfortunately often poorly executed. This can result in the failure to achieve the required business benefits and/or the incorrect implementation of regulatory change, which can lead  to negative publicity for the organisations involved.

One possible answer for the poor track record is the lack of guidance on HOW to deliver the change.  Models, methods, frameworks and processes can be easily found, however, are these really providing the leaders of today with the key information they need when  implementing change?

Whilst many change management models provide theory of the topic, there is often little to help prepare todays leaders and managers with the tools and skills to help them with the WHY, WHAT, WHEN, HOW and WHERE?

Join us on this 2-hour course to give you a taste of what you need to know and understand

  • What change is
  • Why it occurs
  • What drives change in the workplace
  • What aspects need to be considered
  • How these aspects can be used to deliver successful change

The Course Agenda

What is change & why does it occur?

  • What change is, what change is not and why change happens in the modern financial work environment
  • Transformational and incremental change
  • The relationship between change management and project management

What is currently driving change in your business?

  • Factors that drive change
  • Impact of the UK economy
  • Impact of the UKs withdrawal from the EU

How to deliver change successfully? 

  • Key aspects of delivering change successfully
  • Human aspects of change v technical aspects of change
  • Stakeholder arrangements and communications
  • Project management tool sets and methods
  • Resource
  • How can risk management help the deliver of successful change
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Or call 0203 178 4230 or email info@fstp.co.uk today.

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Meet The Tutor

David Coombes
David Coombes
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Who is this course for?

Anyone who is involved, or likely to become involved in managing and / or implementing change within their organisation – for example:

  • Senior managers
  • Operational managers
  • HR representatives
  • Risk & Compliance officers
  • Change agents
  • IT specialists


'This training helped me understand better how to approach vulnerability and will be useful to design training courses internally.'

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