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    Managing T&C in a Changing Regulated Environment To Meet SMCR Requirements (1912TC)
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    4 August 21 - 09:30
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Course Overview

Part 1 - 4/8/2021 @ 9.30am
Part 2 - 5/8/2021 @ 9.30am

What would the regulator think about your firm’s training and competence policies? This course helps you meet and maintain expected standards.

Compliance failures are often put down to staff incompetence. High profile cases have uncovered chief execs operating with no knowledge of the latest regulation. The FCA has sharpened its focus on training and competence (T&C) as a result.

You must be able to prove (to an intrusive regulator) that your T&C policies mitigate risk and promote professionalism.  

This is about more than just compliance, it’s about genuinely improving standards. A good T&C programme helps your firm retain its best staff and attract new talent. A poor one can expose your business to accusations of misconduct and financial penalties.

With limited guidance from the regulator, establishing a robust framework is a challenge. This one-day course will help you develop the policies and processes you need to ensure your people reach and maintain competence:

  • Understand the regulator’s mind-set and the practical applications of T&C
  • Learn how to assess and maintain competence on a continuous basis
  • Recognise the role of the regulated supervisor and apply it to senior managers and directors
  • Integrate compliance best practice into your business strategy

Gain confidence in your T&C framework

Protect your workforce
Employees rarely set out to break the rules. More often than not, compliance issues occur because individuals are simply unaware of the latest regulation. A well-structured training regime will help keep them up-to-speed with the rules and safe from compliance failures.

Drive up standards of professionalism 
A successful T&C regime is one that’s easily interpreted by both the workforce and the regulator. Introducing measurable targets will promote self-assessment among your staff, encouraging them to raise their game.

Attract and retain the best staff 
Personal development is a key incentive to high-performing individuals, so a competitive training programme helps attracts new talent. And a formal T&C regime will embed a culture of learning, helping your protect and retain your best people.

Prove you put customers first 
Ethics and standards of behaviour are one of the regulator’s top priorities. Your firm needs to demonstrate that customers are at the heart of its strategy, so a watertight approach to staff assessment and monitoring is essential.

The Course Agenda

Part 1

SMCR & The impact of higher standards of professionalism

  • How standards affect advisers, supervisors, SMFs and information givers
  • The right organisational Culture
  • The SM&CR Regimes
  • Applying Fitness and Propriety
  • Embedding Conduct Rules
  • The influence of T & C

Demonstrating competence in a changing regulatory environment 

  • Understanding competence in SMCR World
  • Evidencing competence and improving ethics
  • Identify the key elements for an effective Training & Competence framework
  • Investing in skills development

Reviewing policies and identifying improvements

  • Which elements of your T&C regime need to change?
  • Are current key performance indicators fit for purpose?
  • Exercise – Self assessment of your T&C regime

Part 2 

Ensuring competent supervision

  • Understanding the regulator’s expectations
  • What “good” looks like in practice
  • Competence requirements for supervisors
  • How to assess a supervisor’s competence
  • Case study – Supervisor competency assessment

Setting standards for continuing professional development (CPD)

  • Establishing a CPD policy and allocating responsibility
  • Top tips for aligning CPD with your business strategy
  • Exercise – Understanding what counts towards CPD hours

Statements of Professional Standing (SPS)

  • An overview of accredited bodies
  • Obtaining and renewing SPS on a continuous basis
  • Recognising eligibility criteria
  • The repercussions of failure to obtain SPS

Understanding the FCA’s approach to T&C

  • An intensive approach to training and competence
  • Looking for clues in the Risk Outlook
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Philippa Grocott
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Who is this course for?

This one-day course has been designed for:

  • Compliance teams
  • HR departments
  • Training and development professionals
  • Line managers


'This training helped me understand better how to approach vulnerability and will be useful to design training courses internally.'

Head of Personal Loans
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'What a thoroughly engaging course this was. I found the content to be highly relevant to my role and has helped me to identify some gaps which need to be addressed. I look forward to attending another course with you in the future.'

Compliance Manager

Private Client Investment Firm


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